Members: Elizabeth Grace

Record Label: Unsigned

Genre: Alternative/Post-Hardcore/Acoustic

Current Location: Richmond Hill, Georgia

The Lord replied, “Don’t say, ‘I’m too young,’ for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you. And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you. I, the Lord, have spoken. Jeremiah 1:7-8

All bad reputations of being young aside, 16 year old Elizabeth takes on the journey of chasing her life-long dream and being a musician with Jeremiah 1:7-8 to light the way at only 10 years old. Elizabeth has gone from choirs, 4-H bands, and church bands, to currently writing her first EP and is in the process of recording with Lucio Rubino at Fish Tank Recordings, which should release in early 2014. The EP consists of all self-written material, and every kind of emotion she has on her mind. Even though she can’t master the art of blowing bubbles with bubblegum, tubing, or even making an omelette without it taking a turn into the deep end, she can play a pretty good show, write a pretty good song, and sing her heart out.

Elizabeth Grace is an up-and-coming, faith driven, Alternative/Post-hardcore musician based in Richmond Hill, GA. Gaining her main audience from youtube, her videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views, and her Youtube covers have been promoted by some of the best bands in the business, including Get Scared, Crown The Empire, Motion City Soundtrack, and RED. Her influences include Flyleaf, The Used, Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park and just about anything else that comes on her favorite Pandora stations.

Her fan base has created videos, paintings, drawings, and even minecraft art of Elizabeth, and it’s now all featured on the official blog– which you can see at They’ve also posted dozens of various fan covers of Elizabeth’s songs and scattered them all over YouTube. But from now on, as you’re reading this, call her Liz. It’s less awkward sounding.

You can find her on the weekends playing street corners in downtown Savannah or tucked away in her home studio, writing the next great song for a generation.But when Liz isn’t singing or preforming or writing music for you, she’s an extreme fitness junkie, and part-time Swing Dancer, who adores crossfit, and baking away at extremely strange food in the kitchen, including black bean brownies, raw avocado cheesecakes, and her personal favorite, frozen banana ice cream. Her fan-base is her family, so feel free to hit her up in her facebook messages! No message goes without a response!

“Soo amazing thank you so much again” – Nick Matthews (vocalist of Get Scared) on Elizabeth’s Drown cover

“Just wanted to shoot you a message and say thanks for doing a cover of our song, “Summer Again”…love your voice.. it’s dope!! Also, really love ‘The One That Got Away’ cover too!” – A message from Jordan Mohilowski (Drummer for The Afters) about Elizabeth’s Summer Again cover

“It seriously feels like you’re in the same room as her.” – comment posted on the song, Panic



Facebook fan page:


Press/Booking contact –


7 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Elizabeth, i seriously love you It is so weird (please don’t feel like i am a stalker) but i listen to your covers everyday, i even made a folder, with many of your videos, that I’ve downloaded, You have inspired me to learn piano. no joke. My sister got a keyboard for Christmas, but she never uses it, so i took it from her room, and now it is in my room. I’m trying to learn, put alot of dedication to be just like you. I want to be able to make my own covers of songs, and just have fun with it. i know, being you, you want to go somewhere with your music, but me, i’d like to just be good at it for a hobby, nothing much than me maybe putting up some videos, and just playing for friends. I wish i spent my childhood years playing Piano other than playing video games, i would probably be a happier kid to be honest. But i don’t know, i get goosebumps when i watch your videos. Sometimes i even tear up ( and i don’t just tear up for just anything you know) . I love how you bring nice metal/ rock etc. songs into a nice gentle/ touching state. truly awesome . Whenever i have enough skills at the piano, i promised myself, one of the songs i want to learn is ‘My Immortal by Evanescence’ you should do a cover on that, sure it be lovely. but yeah. sorry for FANBOYING so hard. just love your personality and everything, i swear, i know you see “Marry me” this and marry me that in the comments on your videos all the time, but i swear, i wish i could marry you one day hahahah. but what do i know, I’m only a 15 year old boy . anyways, take care Elizabeth. oh and add me on facebook or something! that be amazing to have you on my F.L just knowing you actually took the time to read this pointless thing i wrote and actually add me. thanks lol. and i promise, i will practice daily at the piano. i am so engaged in learning,. it is a need.

  2. Griselle says:

    I love you so much, Elizabeth Grace! Your voice is truly amazing & you’re gorgeous! I listen to your songs all the time on repeat. I can’t wait for you to become famous. You deserve it. You’re always so happy and you’re going to inspire so many people. I will always support you and be one of your S.H.B’s. Good luck with your music, you’re gonna go far with it! I love you Elizabeth & I wish you the best! (: ❤

  3. Jillian says:

    Elizabeth, you are just simply amazing. Will you be my best friend?

  4. Jillian says:

    Hey Elizabeth, I love all of your videos. You’re truly a musical person. You’re so amazing and gorgeous, I love you to pieces, if I knew you in person, I would seriously want to be your best friend. I want to be your best friend now! Lol Anyways, I don’t upload any videos on YouTube, yet, because I don’t have a camera. But that’s okay, I think I’m going to get one soon. But, I play piano and guitar as well as you do. I used to play violin, mandolin, recorder, and drums! But I was wondering, when you could hear me sometime, if we could sing together on a video sometime? I would absolutely love that. I’m a soprano, by the way, just to heads you up lol well, I hope you read this. Just please, message me on Facebook or – you will have to make an account if you don’t already have one – and tell me yes or no on what you think about that! (I totally understand if you don’t want to or you are just a single person singer) thank you so much!! ❤

  5. jeremy says:

    well, i dont really know what to say other than… thank you! you are such a talented amazing person! i really hope you get really big someday, soon! you truly deserve to be heard and known by lots! you have such a perfect voice and amazing music writing skills! you are truly inspiring and you are my idol! i remember seeing your videos for the very first time and thinking “wow, i really hope to see and meet her someday!” its so amazing because youve gotten so far and i hope you can still keep doing what you do and that i will be able to see you live one day! it would be the most amazing thing ever! from your first cover “kissing in cars” by pierce the veil on youtube i knew you were going to be very succesful at what you do! well goodluck with everything! btw when you make albums and stuff you should put your youtube covers on a cd and sell it everywhere! /.< thank you so much

  6. Katie says:

    I just recently found you when I was looking at covers of Say Something. I’m absolutely stunned. You sang that song with such emotion and I felt every key on the piano, every ounce of pain and agony through your cover. Keep up the good work! Do you have a tumblr by chance?

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